Bathroom Decoration or Remodeling in Pakistan


Bathroom Decor or Remodel Tips

Remodeling your bathroom is really one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value/budget of your home. It can also go a long way toward improving the quality of your life and satisfaction in your home.

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, now what is the first step that you need to do is


Planning plays a crucial role to remodel your bathroom if you start any sort of work. Starting a bathroom remodel is little bit scary to you. In the other way it also feels you excitement and nervous in the case of budget, but it is all worth it in the end! And a well thought out planning will keep you things moving and ensure that you are always one step ahead.

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There are total of nine tips and tricks that you need to follow

1. Time frame

First of all you need to plan when does this project have to be finished by you? Do you have another/extra bathroom in your home to use or are you are staying with your neighbor. This is very important to fully think out so that you can decide what parts of the remodeling project you can realistically and what parts you should hire out and at what time you will need to hire it and how many parts you need to hire it.

2. Prepare a to-do list of what has to be done in your bathroom remodel.

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Whether it is new tiling? Lighting? Taps? Showers? Soap case? Fixtures? Moving walls? Cabinets?  Are you adding another sink? This will list  you what are the things to be done and it will come in handy for the budget.

3. Inspiration.

While you start a bathroom remodel, collect ideas that you love from your friends or colleagues or neighbors. Based on your size of your bathroom plan it if you really need drop-in tub? It really a space occupy though it feels you good and pleasure. And which colour you want to have in the case of tile whether it is surface tiles or wall tiles? If it is wall tiles then how much length it should be to fix your tile. What about your lights that you want to fix it in your bathroom?

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4. Now that you have to do list of what you want and your inspiration. Now Prepare a budget.

5. Where to find help.

Do you in need someone to move plumbing, Adding light? Do you really need a Glass enclosure for the shower?

Call some expert or an experience, who has done these sort of works in his past and who are ready to do the work on the remodelling. Even you can hire the worker through online based on the reviews he/she got or probably you can try to consult with your friends or family members whom they the person.

6. Do you need to fix any exhaust fan in your bathroom?

You can probably check online where you have some offers to get over it.

7. Don’t try to forget about the small things?

From where do you want outlets, lights? How high do you want the lights? Do you need one or two mirrors? where you want to fix towel bars hang? Cabinet hardware, built-in shower and/or bathtub shelf, geyser. It’s nice to be able to tell these sort of things to the electrician and plumber ahead of time exactly where you want these things to go.

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8. Where to pick out tiles and fixtures.

If you are going to buy the tiles online then you can go head because you will get a variety of bathroom design tiles through online. But always keep in mind that your surface tiles should be bit rough so that in future it won’t get slippery when you wash your tiles

9. You shouldn’t stress for your bathroom.

All you need to fix your bathroom needs appropriate to enjoy your new bathroom and admire for as long as you live in your house

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